Saturday, 15 January 2011


I truly hate lazy, unproductive weekends when I just lay on the sofa watching crap on tv or sitting at the table looking at the laptop screen, skipping between facebook, flickr and blogger and all over again, not even staying 5 minutes on one of them websites. I should be writing an essay about some artists that I'm not even bothered about tbh, drawing-doodling, painting perhaps, finishing my Croydon Higher Education College Prospectus book, writing diary, replying to a letter from Yuna, and what's the most important right now - taking pictures! There is only a few short weeks left of the negotiated project at college, a few more weeks till the deadline of the photography competition I want to take a part in. And I am just sitting here, staring at my camera hopelessly. I feel so incredibly uninspired. Digital photography became so boring and over rated since I discovered film. It hurts looking through the view finder in my Canon just after looking through the one in my Minolta. Film is getting out of my reach due to the wallet getting slightly skinnier than it should be. My family is still deciding to be difficult when I ask them to 'pose' for me and then dont even seem interested when I say that it's for a college project which is becoming serious because of the uni interviews. One thing I know, I will NEVER be a fashion photographer. Perhaps I should of just dedicate myself to writing stories more when I was younger?

Well, here's a little mish mash of kind of pointless pictures I took during the past few days. Digital for a change.
1. Another cupcake my mum and Sara made last sunday.
2. Some of my film photographs. It made me smile to see how big my collection is now.
3. A little Costa book Peter did for me. I still have to think of what I want to use it for.
4. A picture I painted in my moleskin using my new water colours. They both (moleskin and watercolours) were a christmas present from Peter. The picture was inspired by that photograph, also by me.

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  1. Your film photograph collection made me smile! :D You've got loads :)